Welcome to the APPS Program

at Clarksburg High School!

APPS stands for Advanced Placement Power Scholars.

Contact: Sarah_L_Costlow@mcpsmd.org

The APPS Program is the MCPS Signature Program for the students and families who live within the Clarksburg High School boundaries. There is an application process for admission into the program.  Accepted students follow a rigorous course of study designed to challenge the highly motivated learner.

APPS is a smaller learning community within a comprehensive high school and the program is college preparatory. The program is designed as a four year course of study through which students follow a comprehensive curriculum combining honors level, advanced placement, and/or concurrent college enrollment course work which culminates with a capstone research project. The program setting includes both homogeneously and heterogeneously grouped classes integrated within the whole school. Ninth grade students receive structured support and skill refinement through their advanced placement courses as well as through optional periodic meetings held at school at lunchtime. The program is designed to offer students flexibility in their choice of classes as they progress through their four years of study, allowing them to pursue individual educational goals. They can choose to follow courses of study in Science, Humanities/Arts, Social Sciences, Business, or Engineering/Computer Science or have the flexibility to design their own path. The APPS program can integrate with our Career Pathways  at Clarksburg such as the Academy of Health Professionals and BioSciences, the Computer Science Pathway, the Advanced Engineering Pathway or the Internship Program.

APPS Program Introduction:
created (2013) by APPS Students: Gianna Pisano, Dahlia Huh, Kat Kearney  & Ali Faraz

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