Program Philosophy
Course of Study
Admission Process
Program Rewards and Benefits

Program Philosophy

The APPS Program is designed as a four-year course of study through which students follow a comprehensive curriculum combining honors level, advanced placement, and/or concurrent college enrollment coursework and culminates in a capstone research project of their choice.  Students accepted into the program will follow a rigorous course of study designed to challenge the highly motivated learner. Students become part of a smaller learning community within a comprehensive high school.The APPS Program is college preparatory framework. The APPS Program is only available for students who live within the Clarksburg High School boundaries.

The program setting includes both homogeneously and heterogeneously grouped classes integrated within the whole school. Students receive structured support and skill refinement through their advanced placement courses as well as through optional periodic meetings held at school at lunchtime. The program is designed to offer students flexibility in their choice of classes as they progress through their four years of study, allowing them to pursue individual educational goals

By the time a student graduates from the program they will have successfully taken 6 AP classes (or dual enrollment college class) and have completed a capstone research project.

The program is designed to offer students flexibility in their schedules and allow them to pursue individual educational goals through their four years of study at Clarksburg High School.

The Course of Study

• In the freshman year, students are required to complete:
— one Advanced Placement course: AP U.S. Government and Politics
—APPS Honors Biology,
—APPS Honors English 9
—and the next math in their sequence
all other elective classes are the choice of the student (Technology, World Language, Physical Education, Music/Art)

• In the sophomore year, students are required to complete:
— one Advanced Placement course: AP US History
but not more than two advanced placement courses (second would be of their choosing provided they have the prerequisites for the class)
—APPS Honors English 10
—and the next math in their sequence

• In the junior year of the program, students may take two or three Advanced Placement courses
AP Language is an APPS required class. Students can take this in their junior or senior year.

• By the end of the senior year, the student should have successfully completed a minimum of six Advanced Placement courses  and completed a culminating  senior research project class (community college classes can be taken in place of AP classes).

In addition, students will be encouraged to take the corresponding advanced placement test for each of advanced placement courses taken.

Students in the program have the opportunity to attend periodic group meetings held at lunch time designed to enrich and support their curriculum or goals for college.

Guest speakers, study groups, practice tests and enrichment opportunities may be incorporated through their AP classes.

Admission Process


The program is open to all students within the Clarksburg High School boundaries who are well-rounded and highly motivated learners. A student or parent may initiate the application. Teachers should encourage students to apply whom they feel meet the requirements and would benefit from this program. Application for the APPS Signature Program is online at this website under the “forms” tab. The selection process begins for each student when the completed application is received.

Each interested student will be responsible for completing and submitting an admission packet to the CHS main office.

The application window opens Oct. 1 and closes the last day of school before winter break (December) each year. No applications will be accepted after this time unless the student is a transfer student to Clarksburg High School.

Submission of a complete admission packet to the APPS Program will be considered a nomination.

Application Requirements

Students apply for admission to the program prior to their freshman year in high school. Limited sophomores can apply. Consideration will be given to students that transfer to Clarksburg and are able to meet the requirements for the program.      

The application packet will contain:

  1. Student Information and Parent Permission (Form 1) filled out online and on paper.
  2. Official report cards or transcript with a 3.3 GPA or higher for the 7th and 8th grade submitted by the school counselor. (Form 2) We will also be requesting standardized test data (MAP- R or comparable) from the middle school.
  3. Three completed academic teacher recommendation forms given by the student to selected teachers for submission to Clarksburg HS. In an effort to save teachers some time,  if a student is applying to a magnet program, we will accept a copy of the magnet teacher recommendation form. (Form 3)
  4. Extra-curricular activities verification listing (organized activities in the 7th and 8th grades) (Form 4) 
  5. A writing sample: a written response to a prompt in the application packet. (Form 5)

Evaluation and Selection Process

The Clarksburg HS APPS committee reviews the submitted applications and evaluates applicants’ performance and readiness for the program in a holistic manner. Only students with completed packets will be evaluated. Students will be notified by mail in early February in the following manner:

1. Full acceptance to the APPS Program
2. Not accepted, with a date for all appeals to be submitted.

Students will have a period of thirty school days from the date of the decision letter to return either a letter of commitment to enter the program or a letter of appeal of the committee’s decision.

Program Rewards:

The designation of APPS Program Scholar will be awarded at graduation with a corresponding cord to any student in the program who has:
• Taken at least six AP level courses (dual enrollment classes are included) and completed a research project class,  by their senior year while attending Clarksburg High School. AP courses must be fully completed courses; both semesters of a two semester class.
• Has an overall unweighted cumulative GPA of 3.3 or better / or a Weighted GPA of 4.2 or higher
APPS scholars will also be recognized as AP® Scholars through the College Board provided their AP® test scores meet College Board criteria.

Benefits enjoyed by APPS students

• A flexible and intellectually stimulating program for the motivated learner in a field(s) of their
• Opportunity to be in a smaller learning cohort within the school.
• A college preparatory framework.
• Specialized support for successful completion of advanced placement course work .
• Opportunity to stay in your home school.
• A path of classes understood and recognized by college admissions offices world wide.
• Opportunity to complete a senior research project in an area of interest.
• Regular school day that allows for extra curricular activities, sports and clubs.
• Opportunity to earn college credit

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