APPS APPLICATION FORM 1: FILL OUT, PRINT, and then SUBMIT this form. If you SUBMIT BEFORE printing the form will erase. Thanks 🙂

Last Name:

First Name:


Current Grade:



Current Math: (for scheduling purposes only)

Home Address:

House Number and Street:


Parent Contact Phone (format: XXX-XXX-XXXX)

Parent Email:

Student Email:

Current School:

Parent Permission Statement:

I hereby submit this application for my child to be considered for the APPS Program at Clarksburg High School. I understand that this application will be held in confidence by all members of the APPS committee and that teacher evaluation scores will not be shared, and that the application will not be returned to students or parents.

The APPS program is designed for students residing within the Clarksburg High School Cluster. Students should not apply from outside the school's cluster without the intent of moving within the Clarksburg boundaries or are already in a transfer placement school.

Parent/Guardian Signature:______________________ Date:_____

Please review your information for accuracy and PRINT then submit with button below.

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